FraudLinx™ Core Functionality:

  • Unified 360° view of the provider by gathering and summarizing information from both internal and external systems
  • Pre-built algorithms to trigger red flags on medical bills, external alerts, lawsuits, arrests, license fraction
  • Allows drill down to red flag bills, alerts, reports
  • Allows export information instantly to collect evidence where as legacy would take months to obtain
  • Reduces IT dependency by more than 80%
  • Can connect to any BI tools to create dashboards and reports
  • Can connect to any PMML model for predictive modeling
  • Built on processing and storage power of Hadoop
  • Process huge amounts of data and index them either in batch or real time
  • Cloud enabled and on-premise product
  • Fully comply with HIPPA and PCI Compliance

  • Big Data vendor agnostic, can implement on any Hadoop open source or enterprise software
  • Integrates with external systems using prebuilt connectors to unstructured text, databases, flat files, APIs, Web Services, and ETL
  • We help customers build predictive models by applying machine learning and deep learning. These models can be visualized using the BI tools of the customers choice.
hugeroiHuge ROI

  • Speed to Market
  • Prosecute and Recover more
  • Modular Implementation
  • Data-Driven Insights